SafeVerse by ZyenaLABS is the first metaverse project that is providing real business value through virtual training that equip people and organizations with workplace safety, professional excellence, and future metaverse job skills.

SafeVerse will be the virtual learning ground to improve your skills in the metaverse for the real life

SafeVerse features custom training programs in different spaces and environments that help organisation reduce security hazards and equip people with professional excellence

Why SafeVerse?

SafeVerse is using the power of VR/ AR/ XR combined with decentralized learing and gamification to create an ecosystem for professional excellence

Created by ZyenaLABS - experienced company with worldwide customers

Decentralized Learning & Safety Education

SafeV token is the "currency" of SafeVerse





Ministero della Salute


Ashok Leyland Motors

Meta is the Future

Metaverse might be in the nascent stage, just like social media 15 years ago. As technology and public adoption of metaverse progresses, jobs and real world applications will increase as well.

Meet The Team

Prahalad SK
Founder & CEO

Prahalad manages multiple roles including design, software development, project management, and business development. Before founding ZyenaLABS, he worked with Activision, Nvidia, and Egis International and has handled successful projects from fortune 500 clients to government agencies like 'The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore', NASA, AUDI, etc.

Harald Grund
Co-Founder & VP

Harald is an experienced campaigner in technological innovation. He managed projects at BMW and Rolls Royce for over 14 years. Over the last 2 years he has brought his innovation ideology to ZyenaLABS developing VR solutions for top brands across the world.

Stefan Weiss
CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)

Stefan is a founder of many hightec startups. He e.g. created a highspeed film camera (weisscam) from scratch which is used from Hollywood to Bollywood after just 2 years. As Head of AI for the City of Munich is conduts different AI projects. For SafeVerse he works on strategies in product, collaboration and marketing.

Mohan Kumar
Technical Program Manager

Mohan has 3+ years of experience in technology with background in interdisciplinary fields such as AR/VR, IOT, Blockchain and product development. He has been part of the team building world’s first neuromorphic quantum computer which got short listed for the prestigious X-Prize challenge. His team is also building affective computing XR applications,and his long term interest is to build a high fidelity brain computer interface.

Jagan R
Head of Business Technology - Southeast Asia and ME Region

Jagan has close to 2 decades of experience in Film and Media Industry. With his strong technical understanding and wide network especially in South eastern region, he is currently in contact with the Safety agencies funded by the Malaysian Govt.

Meet The Advisors


Core Team Member of TrustSwap. Designed tokenomics for various projects and/or serving as a strategic advisor/consultant for over 30+ projects encompassing DeFi, GameFi and Layer-1 protocols. Sundeep can accelerate fundraising along with strategic partnerships through his network of connections.

Alex Man

Alex Man is a prolific early blockchain Venture Capitalist. He is a Partner at JUN Capital, Venture Partner at AU21, Advisor to a row of disruptive projects- SwissBorg, KickPad, BullPerks, Solanium, Diabolo, Weld, SingularityDAO, CoinsPaid, Chatex, Prasaga, Boosteroid, Ultra, Cirus, BrightUnion, Orakuru, Mist, Drops, Epik, Privi, Ispolink, P2P, Unizen. Investor in Jigstack, Nodle, Tacen, Eqify.

Tokenomics & Vesting Plans

Round Supply % Tokens Price Raised Amount Vesting
Total 10 Billion
Pre - Seed 4.0% 400,000,000 0.001 $400,000 5% at TGE , 5% Monthly
Seed 11.0% 1,100,000,000 0.002 2,200,000 7.5% at TGE, 7% Monthly
Private 9.0% 900,000,000 0.003 2,700,000 10% at TGE , 10% Monthly
Strategic 4.0% 400,000,000 0.004 1,600,000 12.5% at TGE , 10% Monthly
Public 2.0% 200,000,000 0.005 1,000,000 25% TGE, 25% Monthly
Total $7,900,000
Team 10% 2 Year Cliff, Daily vesting for 3 years
Advisors 6.0% 1 Year Cliff, daily vesting for 2 years
Ecosystem Development 25% Vests based on Need
Liquidity 4% Vests based on Need
Staking Rewards 25% Vests based on Need

Safepass Coming Soon!